About Us

We are LLC Corporation which is based in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We have been around for 18 years in this industry. As a company our main focus lies in fulfilling your entire garment designing needs such as Logo digitizing, Vector artwork, Picture digitizing, Patch embroidery and other kinds of embroidery.
We have gained a competitive edge in our field through adopting affordable digitizing services, a comparatively quicker turnaround time and last but not least uncompromised quality. We offer the best digitizing services for the perfect price and the assurance of high quality.

Embroidery is our passion, therefore when it comes to digital embroidery we give you the best results. Our designs are such that they minimize thread changes, also run smoothly on machines, thereby producing some best looking designs with less tread breaking. Since we have been in the business for over a decade, we hold widespread experience and expertise in crafting some of the most elegant and ravishing designs that make us the best in the industry. Our agenda centers on providing 100% satisfaction to the customer. We value our customer feedback. We hope to create a lasting impact on the customers through creating relationships based on firm trust.

At AUDIGITIZING, LLC we never fail to complete the entire project as efficient expertise and beneficial resources are implemented into each project.

Due to our transparent pricing, we have a certain status in the industry. The fact that we do not require the additional services of any third party gives us a competitive edge in the market.

“To be competitive, you must create something which is unique from others of its type, and which creates a value that cannot be measured monetarily.” This is what we focus on and this is why our customers focus on us.

Our company employs a vast network of experts as well as experienced digitizers and vector artisans. Due to this, we have the lowest turnaround time and fulfill your demand in no more than 24 hours.

Our core competencies lie in our low turnaround time and maximized customer satisfaction. We recognize customer services and turnaround time as our specialized areas as long as we maintain streams of technology along with quality services.

AUDIGITIZING, LLC has always strived to identify and continuously improve on our competencies and the blood and sweat has gradually paid off with a strong competitive advantage.

Moreover, as we progress so do our competencies. We have a certain culture of doing things and each and every individual who is directly or indirectly related to AUDIGITIZING, LLC is aware of the culture and competencies of the company.

Other Services:

Commencing from digitizing services, our services also expand to include also Vector art as well as Website development services. Vector art is basically created using Vector illustration software programs. To provide a professional effect, the programs use elements ranging from points, lines to various shapes. Vector Art is considered ideal for printing as it prints crisply. If you want to achieve the maximum print quality we would provide you with the best Vector art. As far as Web Development services are considered we create greater opportunities that help our clients to realize their actual potential. Also, through using different technologies, and quality services, we instill excellence in everything we do. This is the reason why our web development services are in high demand and appreciated by customers.


Also, if pricing is to be considered, AUDIGITIZING bills the customer only after the order has been completed and delivered. The orders are billed according to the quoted price. We also provide the facility of special pricing for bulk orders. Mode of payments we accept include Visa, Master Card, American Express as well as Discover.