Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services

The digitizing process involves converting an existing piece of work into an embroidered format thus allowing the embroidery machine to recognise and sew it on the desired garment. The digitizing process is both an art and science as well. We offer several types of digitizing services at Embcenter.

Logo Digitizing:

Logo digitizing for embroidery that holds the image of a brand which visually expresses the company’s identity. It is essential for your logo to receive the best quality on your embroidery products.

To efficiently perform this, a process known as Logo Digitizing can be used which converts the logo into a computerized pattern that can be embroidered through embroidery machines.

Cap Digitizing:

Cap with a design, Text, Logo or Pattern embroidery on it undergoes a standard procedure known as Cap Digitizing.

This service consists of embroidering a given digitizing pattern on structured or unstructured caps. Not as simple as it seems since setting up designs on caps requires certain considerations. You need to ensure your caps contain the suitable fabric and that the intended design should be on appropriate size so that it does cover the caps frame. To get your caps digitized as per your personal preferences, with the highest possible quality, EMBCENTER, LLC is the best choice.

Puff Digitizing:

We offer you the chance to avail our breathtaking 3D foam and Puff digitizing services with a unique look and flawless design only available at Embcenter. This technique revolves around giving a three-dimensional view through placing foam under the embroidery and elevate the design. The difference between this technique and others lies in the cover stitch which in this case is also used to cut the foam, and thus should be a high-density stitch. For top quality Puff digitizing, don’t hesitate to order now.

Redwork Digitizing:

Redwork embroidery digitizing technique one of the oldest yet simplest style of classic embroidery. A red thread is used to sew the desired patterns on usually a white background. Despite dating back to the 19th century, the redwork embroidery still has its fans and this style of needlework is now common with back-stitching or outline stitching. Right here at Embcenter, we offer you a wide choice of redwork embroidery designs, waiting for your call to beautify your garments.

Sleeves Digitizing:

Sleeve digitizing is an unique offering of ours. Regardless of its complexity, this embroidery has its share of fans since everyone’s got their own unique stylish representation in mind. With Embcenter you can rest assured that you’ll receive only results that embody greatness as we have all the relevant resources to turn your imagination into a reality.

Appliqué Digitizing:

This technique holds some similarities to puff digitizing, since in both a placement guide, tack and cover stitching are essential elements. Moreover in both, the cover stitch is also used to cut the foam, and therefore must be of the suitable material. The expertise of our innovative and experienced professionals will guide you in designing and digitizing your appliqué embroidery design into the most ravishing one you’ll ever see.

Towel / Blankets Digitizing:

Our wide range of services also includes embroidery digitizing for towels and blankets with expertise. It’s now possible to personalize your brand towels through embroidery for your brand name, logo and other relevant brand elements on them.

Towel Digitizing involves embroidery art in stitching creative designs and adding 3d Puff foam on towels and blankets.

Jacket back Digitizing:

Embroidery designing on back of the jackets depends upon the skills and expertise of digitizers is able to handle the most complex and large designs easily. Our team use particular Techniques for different fabric types with planning, underlay, stitch type, compensation, densities & stitch directions.